Snow Alert Means Comfort Food

Snow alert! Even the prospect of rumored snow, sleet or icing causes my adoptive state of Arkansas to rush pell mell to the nearest Walmart or Kroger for bread, milk and eggs. The shelves will be bare by 3pm. Some of our mountain towns have been known to raise the prices on these much desired products once a winter storm warning comes out. While price gouging at the pump is illegal, there’s no law against supply and demand prices for edibles.

Of course, if the weather is that bad, we should have hard boiled those eggs before the utilities lost power, so we could eat them. Along with the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cold milk. We won’t be cooking unless we have a backup generator or an open fireplace. Standing out over the BBQ pit to cook in that weather is for Nanooks of the North, but not for me.

My all time favorite comfort food for frozen weather is cheddar cheese grits with bacon and scrambled eggs. It’s simple to cook, has only four ingredients, and uses plain salt and pepper for the spice. That’s the basic recipe, but you could use jalapeño cheese for variety if snowmaggedon drags its sorry self into your neck of the woods.

One important note about this meal and it’s a southern thing: the grits must be “fork done.” Spoon grits are runny and not worth feeding to a dog. I wouldn’t treat my dog that bad. Fork grits stay on the utensil, until they reach the mouth, where they can be properly appreciated.

Since we don’t often get snow or freezing rain, this comfort food is a rare treat and can be eaten for breakfast or supper.

Nutritional information:
Calories 713
Carbs 30 g
Fat 54 g
Protein 30 g


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