Folks don’t like change. The track changed the provider for the famous $2 hot dogs at MARTINSVILLE, the NASCAR short track known as the “Paperclip.”

We are like cats: if we have something new thrown at us, we ain’t gonna take it! This is why eating healthier, exercising more, drinking less, or making any other change in our lives is so difficult. 

Change isn’t impossible, however, for if we are faced with enough hunger, we’ll eat only healthy food if that’s all we have in our kitchen. The secret is to eliminate the purchase of nonnutritive foods at our grocery runs. Making a grocery list of fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits, dried beans, whole grain items, and dairy products that don’t have sugar or corn products added to them will help us keep our health goals in mind. 

If we are eating well in the kitchen, we aren’t self-medicating with carbs and fats. These make us feel good in the short term, but not for the long term. A balanced protein and low glycemic carb meal will be full of bulk and filling too! 

If we exercise before a meal, we also won’t feel the need to stuff ourselves. Since I have low blood sugar, I have a 15 gram carb snack before an hour’s walk. Then I’m not really hungry for another two hours later. A light 400 calorie dinner is enough to carry me off to a deep sleep. (I usually eat my larger meal at lunch.)

Sometimes we try to make all the changes at once and get overwhelmed. I think it’s better to write down all the changes we want to make, but only focus on doing one each week intensively. If we have 17 changes, this will take us 17 weeks to practice each one fully for a whole week. Not that we ignore the other 16, but we don’t berate ourselves for not measuring up to perfection on all of these. I’ve found that we will do better than we imagine if we relax and focus one thing at a time. We can trust our peripheral vision to pay attention to the other goals in the intervening times.  



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