HOT AND TIRED? Has your diet changed over the summer?

Iron Rich MenuWhen it’s too hot to cook, meats often go by the wayside. Or we make do with breakfast bars, juices, or protein shakes. Anything to get the calories in without heating up the kitchen!
Cold fruits and cottage cheese sound better than slaving over a hot stove, and even the nominal expenditure of energy of salad tossing seems too much effort at the end of a hot and humid day.

That’s “TIRED” in a nutshell, and it might be the iron poor blood that comes from too little meat, eggs and fish. Our veggies can give us iron, as well as our fruits, but this form of iron isn’t as easily absorbed.

Let’s keep a food diary that also tracks our moods and energy. Get back to eating some real food and see if we can’t break these summer blahs!

Learn about the best iron rich foods at the link below–


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