Late Lunch

Today was novel writing day, so I was up at oh-dark-thirty to coffee up and do some spiritual reading first. After posting on my facebook pages an Henri Nouwen meditation paired with a MC Escher artwork, I ate some breakfast and read the newspaper. 

Fully caffeinated and having a good blood sugar level now, I fired up the Mac. I’m rewriting a work from last year’s NaNoWriMo event, THE HERO.  My time traveling priestess from the planet Didumos will be visiting San Francisco’s Chinatown in this chapter. I’m eager to begin typing. 

Along about noon, I took a watermelon break. Then I pressed on. I found my photos from Turkey, a landscape that inspired my imagination for this distant and as yet undiscovered planet. I also found a great Rembrandt drawing of the Good Samaritan for another illustration. 

Some 6,000 words later, I was posting it on

I suddenly realized I was hungry! Writing is work.  The brain takes up only about 2% of an adult’s weight, but it takes up nearly 20% of the resting metabolic rate. That RMR is the total amount of energy a body expends while being a couch ornament. Concentrating and stress can cause mental fatigue, but not enough to need an entire pint of chocolate ice cream. That’s just self medication, not hunger. 

An easy late lunch was just my ticket. I had a couple of whole grain tortillas, half an avocado, a dab of sour cream, some cheddar cheese, leftover chicken breast, and fresh spinach in the ice box. Yes, I call it this old fashioned name because my grandparents still had real ice wrapped in newspapers delivered to their homes for the room on the shady side of the house called the “ice box.” Foods stayed cool there, but not as cold as our modern refrigerators. 

Using my mother’s cast iron skillet, I buttered lightly the tortillas, layered the ingredients inside, and set on low medium heat. No sense rushing the pan, even if I’m hungry. This would burn the bread and fail to melt the cheese. What kind of quesadilla would that be?

While this is heating, I cut up the avocado, added the last dribble of my Italian dressing, some more garlic and cayenne pepper. Using a fork, I stirred this well. I served out the last tablespoon of sour cream and tossed that empty out. Some carrots and broccoli for vegetables rounded out this meal. 

I turned the tortilla and let the other side cook, but I had a few veggies for snacks while I refreshed my green tea glass. Finally I could eat! A little cat nap afterwards was a great reward. 

I will have a light supper tonight. Enjoy your weekend. Eat well. Be healthy. Live with joy. Cornie. 


About artandicon

Artist, head cook at Cornie's Kitchen, explorer of both the inner and outer worlds, and tree hugger. My paintings are at ARTANDICON: art at the crossroads of life & faith. Every rock, tree, stream & cloud shouts out with the joy of God! I also write a sci-fi spiritual journey blog about Miriam, a time traveling priestess from the planet Didumos, who visits earth when she has an epileptic seizure, and shares my life. Obviously, my own mind was time traveling when I set up my journey blog!
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