Walking Smart with a Victorian Banner Girl

imageVictorian Banner Girls were once all the rage in marketing.They wore their advertising dresses up and down the city streets to hawk the wares of a tailor’s shop. Rulers, laces, buttons, fabrics of all kinds, and the technical know how to sew these mad outfits were all on display! This particular image is from an old friend’s private collection.

I imagine a banner gal would need to walk proudly and smartly, as my Nannie used to say. The fact that we have brains in our heads and not in our feet didn’t bother her one bit. She meant for us to put our whole being into our bearing, head to toe. The way you walk into a room decides whether you own the room or the room owns you. You claim your space, but only your space. The whole room belongs to everyone. Banner gals had to claim the spaces in which they walked, so that enough air surrounded them and people could see their wares. If they didn’t “walk smartly,” the crowds pushed in on them and they weren’t effective advertisers

Do we put our heart & soul into all we do, or are we just going through the motions? Do we live to work or does our work give us the means of life? Are our workplaces life empowering or life numbing? How can workers and bosses cooperate to build an environment that encourages workers’ best efforts, the highest production or sales, and the least amount of stress for all?

Applying these lessons and questions to our spiritual lives, are we totally bought in and committed for god’s sake, or just doing our time here on earth waiting for the big retirement party in the sky to come? What if our salvation were a matter of working in faith and following the life of Christ’s example here on earth? Laboring for the sake of Christ is quite different from mere beliefs held about Christ. One only need to read the New Testament to discover what was important to Jesus: food, shelter, healing, reconciliation, forgiveness, love, and the neighbor.

This day of rest is brought to you by those who get their hands dirty and do things, or as we say in the spiritual world, “doing hands on ministry.”

1 Chronicles 29:2
So I have provided for the house of my God, so far as I was able, the gold for the things of gold, the silver for the things of silver, and the bronze for the things of bronze, the iron for the things of iron, and wood for the things of wood, besides great quantities of onyx and stones for setting, antimony, colored stones, all sorts of precious stones, and marble in abundance.

2. My might – Work for God must be done with all our might, or we shall bring nothing to pass in it. John Wesley’s NOTES ON THE OLD TESTAMENT. 1 Chronicles 29:2


About artandicon

Artist, head cook at Cornie's Kitchen, explorer of both the inner and outer worlds, and tree hugger. My paintings are at ARTANDICON: art at the crossroads of life & faith. Every rock, tree, stream & cloud shouts out with the joy of God! I also write a sci-fi spiritual journey blog about Miriam, a time traveling priestess from the planet Didumos, who visits earth when she has an epileptic seizure, and shares my life. Obviously, my own mind was time traveling when I set up my journey blog! https://souljournieswordpress.wordpress.com
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