Good Health is a Process

 Walk or run your way into better health, physical and mental. My testimony might encourage you. As my old daddy was fond of saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Good health is a process.

2009–I couldn’t walk around the block. I took this as a sign I had room for improvement, or a baseline.

2010–I changed my food plan for life. We never diet or we’ll just pack pounds back on again. I swam until I built up my lungs (aerobic exercise).

2011–started walking and weights with a trainer.

2012-2013–continued swimming, walking, weights, food plan.

2014–had to cut carbs to 150 grams per day when insulin resistance increased and I gained weight. Have struggled to get my weight down to 2012 level since. Finished first 5K. I was last, but I finished.

2015–2016–walking more. Finished 2015 Spa 5K next to last in my age group. That’s improvement! Now setting goals to do more than one/year. Setting weekly goal of hitting 10,000 steps at least twice a week. For a writer (sedentary occupation), this is a major goal!

Make a plan to do this. You are so worth it. Everything I’ve read says moderate exercise helps every condition: physical and mental.

Throw out I can’t and say I can. But don’t over do it, or you’ll have a set back. Slow and easy wins this race. Work within your body, as it is now, not the body you once had as a 20 year old. Folks call this mindfulness. I call it good sense. My old daddy said it was “horse sense.” We aren’t on intimate terms with our bodies or with nature anymore, so sitting still in the quietness might also help you to hear your heart’s pulse, the gurgling of your stomach and the breath entering and exiting your lungs.

 Remember, 7 years ago, I couldn’t walk around the block. Last night I walked 2.3 miles in under an hour, and I’m not the fastest walker in our group. But I’m out there, doing my thing! I go because I feel great when I’m done, I burn enough calories to be able to eat a light supper, and I sleep like a log. I wake up refreshed and excited to meet the coming day. Exercise helps me keep a positive attitude, and that’s important in a distressing world.

Get out there and do your thing! Your personal best is whatever you got at this one moment in time. Do it! Love & more power to each of you.  Cornie.


About artandicon

Artist, head cook at Cornie's Kitchen, explorer of both the inner and outer worlds, and tree hugger. My paintings are at ARTANDICON: art at the crossroads of life & faith. Every rock, tree, stream & cloud shouts out with the joy of God! I also write a sci-fi spiritual journey blog about Miriam, a time traveling priestess from the planet Didumos, who visits earth when she has an epileptic seizure, and shares my life. Obviously, my own mind was time traveling when I set up my journey blog!
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