Junk science is like junk food. We should not buy it, we should avoid it at all costs. As a picnic service, I mean, Public Service, I offer this article & summary.   
The USA uses 5 milligrams of Splenda per kilogram of body weight as the “safe level of consumption,” while Europe uses 15 mg/kg. Obviously, we use a very conservative level for safety. 
The study in question used 100 to 3,200 times the amount considered safe and guess what happened? They found cancer! Well, DUH!!! Talk about disrespecting the lives of animals!  

For a 150 pound person,this works out to 340 mg per day of sucralose, the active ingredient of Splenda. A packet of Splenda has 12 mg of sucralose, so 20 packs is the limit. (For me, this is 7 tall glasses of decaf iced tea or 6 cups of coffee with 3 tall teas.). 

This laboratory has a sad reputation for not following the scientific method, a process which is explained in the article. It isn’t a new or difficult concept to master, for I learned it in the public school system in Louisiana back in the Stone Age. (Or the 1960’s to young people today. )

Our world today has many who incite our baser fears, seek to keep us ignorant so they can keep us under their thumb, and play us one against another. 

Everyone is welcome at Cornie’s Kitchen Table: bring your inside voice, an open heart & a hearty appetite. We’ll break bread together & share a good time. 

For information on the Splenda Study:


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