“Home again, home again, jiggety jog.” My daddy always said this phrase from the old Mother Goose rhyme when we pulled into the driveway after a road trip. Even though I wasn’t gone long, I’m always glad to return, just as I’m always glad to leave! Food away from home seems to taste better when someone else cooks it for you, just as coming back home gives you a new appreciation for the efforts others put into your meals. 

Having a great chef like Susan Jett cook for our Spiritual Formation Academy Retreat at Mount Eagle reminds me of the gift of hospitality and service. This is a gift we can give to our own selves and to our families also, and not just to those who visit us. 

When I take the time to be mindful of my ingredient selection, my food choices, my food preparation, and my food portions, I find I eat more healthy and have less hunger. When I race about, throw the first thing into my mouth or grab an instant gratification, I over consume both calories and carbohydrates (I’m supposed to limit these for my pre-diabetes). 

Most of us would treat our guests as if they were Christ, but we often forget to do the same for our own selves. Yet we too carry the image of Christ, who “is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation” (Colossians 1:15). If we cooked for the Christ who lived in us, or cleaned house for the Christ who visited daily, we might offer more hospitality and grace to ourselves.


About artandicon

Artist, head cook at Cornie's Kitchen, explorer of both the inner and outer worlds, and tree hugger. My paintings are at ARTANDICON: art at the crossroads of life & faith. Every rock, tree, stream & cloud shouts out with the joy of God! I also write a sci-fi spiritual journey blog about Miriam, a time traveling priestess from the planet Didumos, who visits earth when she has an epileptic seizure, and shares my life. Obviously, my own mind was time traveling when I set up my journey blog!
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