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Once every four years, the peaceful transfer of power in our national capitol takes place. Lots of marching bands show up, but no floats or inflated balloons. This is how we know it’s not a football bowl game or holiday … Continue reading

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“And are we yet alive and see each other’s face?”

Illness robs us of our tastebuds as well as our sense of smell. Sickness often robs a person of their appetite, but I’ve never had that problem. Somehow I’ve managed to eat my way through the mumps, measles, chicken pox, … Continue reading

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Late Lunch

   Today was novel writing day, so I was up at oh-dark-thirty to coffee up and do some spiritual reading first. After posting on my facebook pages an Henri Nouwen meditation paired with a MC Escher artwork, I ate some … Continue reading

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Snow Alert Means Comfort Food

Snow alert! Even the prospect of rumored snow, sleet or icing causes my adoptive state of Arkansas to rush pell mell to the nearest Walmart or Kroger for bread, milk and eggs. The shelves will be bare by 3pm. Some … Continue reading

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