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The Best Dinner Yet

Announcing to anyone who cares: my appetite is back! And so is my attitude! So are the exclamation points!! I don’t apologize for this, for I’ve had a touch of the epizootic. This is a complaint southern ladies had back … Continue reading

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Snow Alert Means Comfort Food

Snow alert! Even the prospect of rumored snow, sleet or icing causes my adoptive state of Arkansas to rush pell mell to the nearest Walmart or Kroger for bread, milk and eggs. The shelves will be bare by 3pm. Some … Continue reading

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Some folks say their hard boiled eggs are hard to peel or their yolks are never set or the whites are tough. Most likely they’ve violated the cardinal rule of cooking: “Everything has its own time and temperature.” Cornie’s corollary … Continue reading

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Here it is: another Monday! I put an exclamation mark there to see if it gets me excited enough to get going yet. Nope. Not even massive quantities of good coffee has helped my stupor. The ornamental pear trees, so … Continue reading

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