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If anyone knows, THE UNIVERSE knows. Some folks can’t believe in a god or personal diety, but can attribute all the same attributes to the Universe. Others assign these powers to Fate or to Luck or Chance.  We’re all created … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a too early breakfast and a too late lunch

I’ve just finished the last crunchy bite of the toasted pepper jack cheese and avocado sandwich with spinach and cucumbers. I dusted it with a bit of rosemary and garlic Italian spices and a bare drizzle of oil and vinegar. … Continue reading

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Death of the Coffee Maker: Always plan ahead. 

 Have plan B ready to go, for plan A is just the starting point. I know NASA can’t work this way, after all they are shooting gazillions of dollars of equipment and invaluable human lives into space! NASA needs to … Continue reading

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Easter is a Season

   Good morning on the first day of the Easter Season! While virtual shopping I found the perfect coffee for all my Easter peeps who visit my kitchen. I especially like the image of God conflated with the angel Gabriel: … Continue reading

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