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Kitchen Experiments 

When I was a child, I had a science kit. My parents trusted me not to blow up the backyard carport or lose a digit in the process, but I don’t remember them supervising my experiments. In fact, once we … Continue reading

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Another word for cutting calories is “dieting.” If you’ve been used to eating high calorie, pleasurable foods, learning to make healthier choices from lower fat, higher fiber, whole grain and lower sugar foods will feel like a “DIET” to your … Continue reading

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Oh! We had snow this morning! It didn’t stick of course, but it’s just barely above freezing outside. This magnolia blossom is wrapped up in her heaviest sweats & wool sox. So, I went to inventing. Cold weather brings out … Continue reading

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Give It To Me Real

The countdown is on to thanksgiving day. Those of us who host the family feast aren’t quite ready to think about Christmas just yet. Our major retailers, however, are pushing the seasons upon us more rapidly than our senses can … Continue reading

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Whole Food for Whole People

Three years ago I went on “incapacity leave,” which is church speak for disability. I could no longer handle the full time duties of a United Methodist pastor, or even the part time duties. My health was gone: I was … Continue reading

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