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Leftovers For Cinderella

I ate the traditional Thanksgiving dinner at a family setting Thursday, along with slivers of pies. The pot roast I made earlier got recycled as soup for two days after Thanksgiving. I had baked chicken with leftover carnival squash and … Continue reading

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Cornie’s Kitchen finally got the cook motivated. Seems a sudden salary renegotiation strike here at year end was about to shut the kitchen down for good. Oh my! Did I overwhelm my staff during the holidays with the extra baking … Continue reading

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When my daddy was a young boy, his mother would send him down to the corner store in town to pick out a plump young hen for the family’s Sunday dinner. Even back in 1930, Shreveport wasn’t a country place, … Continue reading

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Oh! We had snow this morning! It didn’t stick of course, but it’s just barely above freezing outside. This magnolia blossom is wrapped up in her heaviest sweats & wool sox. So, I went to inventing. Cold weather brings out … Continue reading

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WASTE NOT, WANT NOT: Basil Bean Leftover Soup

I was raised by a Mama that went through the Great Depression–you know it was a real event if both words get capitalized. They say that folks that endure a hardship like this are permanently changed, that their “normal” isn’t … Continue reading

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