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WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Virtual Gastric Band Surgery

First, it's not surgery, but hypnosis! This is why it's "Virtual" and not actual or invasive, cutting into the body. How do I find out about these things, you ask? My Twitter account gets spammed with folks who follow me … Continue reading

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SUNDAY SUPPER: Quiche to Die For

Sometimes to calm my spirit, I like to spend time making food from scratch. One, I'm taking care of my body by using calories to make dinner, and second, I know exactly what goes into my food, namely just fresh … Continue reading

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Rise and Shine!

It’s Monday!!! Y’all are AMAZING! If only because you rose & shined!  Well, you rolled out of bed and drug yourself to where you had to be, but you got there! Good for you! Have another cup of coffee and … Continue reading

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It’s a cold spring day on the lake. I’m working on my books (tax extension). After years in the ministry, I never was able to get that April deadline down because it only added more stress to the Lent & … Continue reading

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When my daddy was a young boy, his mother would send him down to the corner store in town to pick out a plump young hen for the family’s Sunday dinner. Even back in 1930, Shreveport wasn’t a country place, … Continue reading

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What Keeps You Up At Night?

Some folks have difficulty getting to sleep, while others can’t stay asleep. Sometimes this is due to an underlying health condition, but often it’s due to stress in a person’s daily life. Once you rule out the medical causes with … Continue reading

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Got home from vacation late last night or early this morning, if one has to be exact about the time. My military pals call it “0 dark 30″…an indefinite time at which no self respecting human being should be awake, … Continue reading

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