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Summer Bounty Bowl

Summer is in full bloom here in Arkansas in the middle of July. We now have local crops in our grocery stores, and the tomatoes are especially sweet. A few more days on the counter top in the kitchen and they are sugar bombs! Continue reading

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Kroger Star Trek Fantasy

I remember the first time I used a computer. Yes, I belong to the predigital age, an era when dinosaurs roamed the earth and people lived in caves. Maybe it wasn’t that long ago in the hoary past, but I … Continue reading

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Can I live on $4.17 per day for 7 days? I went to Texas Motor Speedway for NASCAR and Indy Car racing. While I was at the Lodge I stay at when I go over for these weekends, I usually … Continue reading

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TRAVELERS’ RESTSTOP: restoring life to our past

  Ever wish you could pull over to the side of the road, refill your gas tank, grab a bite to eat, and maybe sleep overnight? The Petrified Wood Station in Denton, Texas, would suit you to a T if you … Continue reading

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I’m having a TV dinner tonight. Craving chocolate the past couple of days, but not wanting to torch my hard won losses after spending a month on an “accidental vacation,” I decided I needed to give into a sugar fix … Continue reading

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Got home from vacation late last night or early this morning, if one has to be exact about the time. My military pals call it “0 dark 30″…an indefinite time at which no self respecting human being should be awake, … Continue reading

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Memories and Memorial Day

The barbecue, the pool or the lake, fireworks or a festival, and more food with my family is the sum of my memories of Memorial Day weekends. When we were just little ones, our back yard was our whole world, … Continue reading

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