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Perfect Omelette Winds Up Old Year

Yep, sending out 2016 with a great brunch omelette, as my first cooked meal after a medical test yesterday. Had to fast all day Thursday, had routine test under anesthesia Friday, got clean bill of health, ate a small steak … Continue reading

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Women Can Run 5K completed this morning 🏅

Actually I walked rather than ran, but I completed the course. I was the last to start, but with timed chip races, each person’s time is unique and based on the marker in their bib or attached fob.  I was … Continue reading

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Good Health is a Process

 Walk or run your way into better health, physical and mental. My testimony might encourage you. As my old daddy was fond of saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Good health is a process. 2009–I couldn’t walk around the … Continue reading

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Positive mental attitude: it’s what’s happening!

   Exercise helps our mood, the experts say. Sometimes we’re in such a bad funk, we can’t even get off the couch to go walk down the block. Just getting out of bed seems a chore, or brushing our teeth … Continue reading

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</ I felt a little low because I was sick for a week and couldn’t get outside to exercise or be with people. In hindsight, I received the blessing of my neighbor’s ministry. She brought me the best home cooked … Continue reading

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