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If the Lord had a choice, he’d pick another day to make his return. If there’s already weeping and gnashing of teeth due to the heat, who’d know if they were being consigned to the hot place? While it’s true … Continue reading

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Confined to the Couch: Called for Takeout

   My old daddy was a doctor, of the “take two aspirin and call me in the morning if you’re not better” era. We children were put in bed to rest for 24 hours to see if we’d get better … Continue reading

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   I’ve been going through many old scrapbooks lately, as part of my healing process. I found a photo of my mother from the 1940’s, I think. She had lots of projects going, all at one time, and would say, … Continue reading

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   We always celebrated Christmas dinner at a grandparent’s home. If we were at Dad’s home place, we could all sit around his mother’s grand dining room table, for it would seat a dozen people. At Mom’s parents, however, the … Continue reading

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Simple Summer Dinner

Even though I grew up in the city, my parents always kept a garden in the backyard of our house. Sometimes it was an actual plot of land, but as we grew older, we needed the yard for our roaming … Continue reading

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The Siren Call of Ice Cream

Nine forty five at night. The freezer is calling my name. The fact that I had a delightful dinner out with friends earlier tonight means nothing. The ice cream hour is at hand. Nothing worth watching is on the television: … Continue reading

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